Happy New Year!

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The beginning of a New Year is filled with promise and hope and new beginnings. I invite you to reflect on your dreams, your goals and your wishes to make 2017 a year that shines more brightly for yourself and those around you.

The pillars of a healthy lifestyle include taking care of your mind, your body and your spirit in so many important ways.  Feed your body with whole, healthy foods.  Strengthen your body with regular exercise.  Play!  Nourish your mind by learning a new skill, or reading a good book.  Sustain your spirit by connecting with your community, meditate, revel in the beauty of nature that surrounds you!

Join me this year in many opportunities to live in a healthier way!  Take a Strength class and sweat for an hour….feel great all day long!  Join me for a yoga practice….quietly move through ancient postures that restore mind, body and spirit.

My Learn to Eat…RIGHT! series resumes this Spring:  It’s a great way get your food plan back on track and learn to eat in a healthier way for the rest of your life!

Join me on the road in my Learn to Ride cycling series….it’s a great way to gain strength and confidence on your road bicycle with a fun group of friends!

I look forward to seeing you soon, and wish you a Happy 2017.  May it be filled with love and much laughter, good health, and many grand adventures!






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