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Wow!  Although it seems as though Springtime may NEVER arrive,  there ARE small signs of it everywhere: The Turkey Vultures have returned from their winter in the south and are gliding effortlessly overhead, and there are robins picking their way between the patches of melting snow in my yard.  I’m loving the longer daylight hours, and the warmth of sun on my face…..
This is a PERFECT time to bring some of the newness of Springtime into your own life!
Here are couple of new programs in my Spring calendar.  Please email me if you’re interested in registering for any of these exciting classes!
As always, my complete schedule can be found on my website.
Learn to Eat…RIGHT! 
This 4-week information and film series focuses on making healthy, informed food choices. It will create a shift in the way you eat, look and feel!  As a nation, we are faced with a growing health crisis: Type ll diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, high cholesterol are just some of the signs that our current way of eating is not serving us.
The new series begins on Tuesday, April 7th at 7:30 pm in the L.E. Shore Public Library in Thornbury.  At just $99, it’s a great investment in your health, and that of your family!
Outdoor Power Walking and Strength Training:
With the arrival of warmer weather, we’ll be taking fitness to the streets, trails and parks with a fun hour of Interval Power walking and Total-body Strengthening. These classes will begin in early April and run every Thursday morning. (Additional timeslots will be arranged if there’s demand.)  Participants MUST register by email for each class.  The cost is $10 per class (with purchase of a 10-class pass) or $12 for drop-in.
Learn to Run! 
Every Tuesday evening in May.  This group is for beginner or intermediate runners.  We’ll be targeting the Meaford Harbour 5K race on July 11, in support of the Meaford Hospital Foundation. We’ll focus on walk/run intervals, proper running form, hill training for strength, sprint training for speed, and endurance training. You’ll also learn about proper hydration and nutrition, and race-day strategies to get you across that finish line with a BIG smile!
This is a great way to kick-start your summer body shape-up and set a new fitness goal!
Investment for the course: $50 per person, or $80 per family (teens and tweens welcome).  Please email me to sign up for this program.
Learn to Ride!
Every Tuesday evening in June, you’ll be coached through a series of road cycling skills and drills aimed at teaching you to ride with confidence in a group. We’ll focus on proper cycling form, gear shifting and braking skills, effective communication with other riders and vehicular traffic, hill climbing, sprints, riding in a pace-line, and endurance riding. This is a fun way to gain comfort on your road bike.  For those interested in a entering a race, we’ll be targeting the Orillia Triathlon/Duathlon in August 
A road/race bike and helmet are required.  $80 for the series.  Please email me to sign up for this series.
Yoga Classes:
I often encounter people who are intimidated by Yoga.  I hear complaints of bad balance or lack of flexibility….so they think that they can’t ‘do’ yoga.  Don’t confuse “Yoga porn” with yoga practice. Yoga porn is outward-looking: appreciating the beauty of the body in many different forms & flows. It looks cool but is not to be confused with a yoga practice….This is an understanding that the body is where the soul, mind and the heart dwell. As we soften into the present moment we are looking for freedom in the body but ultimately reconnecting to a higher power… the truth & love that are resting in the heart. A heart that holds much love, wisdom and strength. We practice tapping into that heart space not to be able to do the splits but to remember that life is beautiful and that we are a part of a greater whole. 
Try a yoga class, and find your OWN practice. 
Weekend and Early morning classes:  Please notify me by email if you intend to join my  Early classes at 0630 am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, or the Saturday classes ( 0900 Strength and 10:00 am Yoga). 
NOW is the perfect time to turn your attention to setting some new Wellness and Fitness goals!  Do ONE THING today that makes you feel HAPPY…and share that feeling with those around you. 

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In good health and happiness,

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