Outdoor Interval Power-Walking

Outdoor Interval Powerwalking begins Spring 2017!

Please express your interest by sending me an email.  Thanks!

Power walking is the new jogging!  It’s a safer alternative to running with the same great health benefits and less chance of injury.  Regular walking helps reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure,  type 2 diabetes, aids digestion and promotes weight loss.  Since walking is a weight-bearing exercise, it also strengthens bones and prevents osteoporosis.

When you combine the benefits of walking with a number of stationary intervals of strength training,  you get a fabulous Total-Body Workout that will challenge every muscle of the body and leave you feeling invigorated and energized!

Stay accountable and motivated! Twenty-five percent of people who start an exercise program quit the first week. Another 25% quit within the first six months. By joining my coached Power Walking program with a group,  you’ll be more likely to stay on-track and reach your goals!

You’ll soon see the changes to your body as it becomes lean, toned and defined!!  You’ll feel the difference as you gain energy and reduce stress!

You get it ALL in a fast-paced hour of outdoor fun! Come out and walk with a fun group!  Your first class is free.

This program runs  from April 16th to December, rain or shine.  Come dressed in layers for the weather.

Subject to weather related cancellations in case of thunder and lightning (check website for last minute updates)

Drop in rate:  $12

10 class pass: $100