Learn to Eat…Right! New 4-week series begins in November 2018!

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Get Clean and Lean in 2018!!!

It’s a fact:  You CAN’T exercise your way out of a bad food plan!

Join my four week information series:

Learn to Eat… RIGHT!

I will provide ‘back to basics’ information that will shift the way you think about food!

Learn how whole food (yup, those fresh fruits and veggies you find at your local grocery store) can completely transform the ways you look and feel!

Explore the many myths and misunderstandings that are influencing our entire relationship with food…Eating fat doesn’t make you fat!  Canada’s Food Guide may not be the healthiest food plan. Artificial sweeteners do not promote weight loss.

Discover how our health is being threatened by our leading food suppliers.

Adopt a number of simple strategies you can use every day, to develop a healthier eating plan for yourself and for your family.

Understand what Nutrition Facts labels are really telling you, learn how to make better food choices, find new ways to improve your food plan… and much, much more!

This program isn’t about dieting, it isn’t about deprivation, it isn’t about fasting or the latest fad food plan… it’s all about health, wellness and good, wholesome FOOD!

I believe that you are worthy of GOOD care and that no one is better qualified to provide you with that good care than YOU are!

Let me show you how!

 This Four-Week Series will return again in November, 2018…just in time for Christmas.

134 Hill Street, Clarksburg from  6:30- 9:30 pm.

Please send me an email with questions, or to register.

FILMS: A feature length documentary exploring the importance of real food in our overall health and wellness plan will be presented immediately following each session.  (For those staying for the films, the evening will end at 9:30 pm.)

There is no additional expense for these bonus film presentations.

DAILY COACHING:  In addition to the four information sessions and films, your Program includes an entire month of daily food habit coaching plus many more support resources to get your food plan on track.

Cost for this Program is just $99 (Excellent value for four weekly sessions plus an entire month of daily food plan coaching and a wealth of additional information!)


Contact me today, to reserve your place in the next series!

Jessica is a Career Health Care Professional and Certified Exercise and Fitness Professional with a real passion for health, fitness and REAL FOOD!