Try some yoga in your life today!

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Consider adding a yoga practice into your weekBetter yet, here’s a way to add the mindfulness of yoga as you go about your entire day:
Simply develop a sense of body awareness in everything you do.  Imagine moving through your daily activities as though you are dancing on a stage.  Add an element of grace into every movement you make, whether it’s walking the dog, mowing the lawn, moving about your workplace…..  Move with elegance, consciousness and effortless effort.  Be aware of your breath.  You’ll feel more connected with your body, and appreciate it for the truly magnificent gift that it is.
Regular yoga practice develops a strong, lean and toned body, a powerful core, great balance and body alignment, improved flexibility and a calm mind.
Try to take a few minutes each day to meditate.  Put away the grocery lists, all the things that still need to get done, and all the problems that need your attention.
Quiet your mind and be perfectly still, be completely present in that moment.
Live with Simplicity, Kindness and an Open heart.

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