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Spring/Summer New Schedule and Programs!

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Happy Spring! Well, it feels like it’s FINALLY arrived: after the incessant rains and cold temperatures of March and April, it seems we’ve entered into a season of gentler, warmer weather….and the promise of all that comes with it! It’s time to pump up bike tires, polish up the kayaks and canoes, practice your golf swing and lace up your hikers!  Let’s get outdoors this summer and take advantage of our many diverse options for being healthy, active  and alive in this beautiful area! Here are a few upcoming programs and schedule changes to mark in your calendar:...

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Happy New Year!

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The beginning of a New Year is filled with promise and hope and new beginnings. I invite you to reflect on your dreams, your goals and your wishes to make 2017 a year that shines more brightly for yourself and those around you. The pillars of a healthy lifestyle include taking care of your mind, your body and your spirit in so many important ways.  Feed your body with whole, healthy foods.  Strengthen your body with regular exercise.  Play!  Nourish your mind by learning a new skill, or reading a good book.  Sustain your spirit by connecting with your community, meditate, revel in the beauty...

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Summer News and Schedule!

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Hurray!  It seems as though summer has finally arrived!  It’s wonderful and brief….so make the MOST of it! Enjoy the sunshine, get outdoors and do something you love:  Cycle, hike, sail, golf, play tennis, swim… Drinks LOTS of water throughout your day:  Hydrated muscles work more efficiently!  Did you know that losing just 2% of your body weight in fluid can decrease performance by up to 25%?  Whether you’re an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, drinking water during exercise is essential if you want to get the most out of your workout and feel good while you’re doing it!...

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Learn to Eat…RIGHT! New session begins in the New Year!

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It’s a fact:  You CAN’T exercise your way out of a bad food plan! Join my four week information series: Learn to Eat… RIGHT! I will provide ‘back to basics’ information that will shift the way you think about food! Learn how whole food (yup, those fresh fruits and veggies you find at your local grocery store) can completely transform the ways you look and feel! Explore the many myths and misunderstandings that are influencing our entire relationship with food…Eating fat doesn’t make you fat!  Canada’s Food Guide may not be the healthiest food plan. Artificial sweeteners do not promote weight...

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Make some healthy changes in this season of change!

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Happy FALL! Fall is a time of change, and it’s great time to create some changes in YOUR life…to become healthier, stronger, happier. Below are Four Simple Steps to maintaining optimal health and wellness…Practice them every dayfor a month…(then, maybe, for the rest of your life!). Let me know how you feel! 1. EXERCISE YOUR BODY! Move your body EVERY DAY…hike, bike, run, play a sport….  Include resistance training at least twice a week. Please continue to visit my website schedule for new Fall classes and class times. Consider adding a regular Yoga class into your...

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