Intense Strength Circuit Training

Indoor Intense Strength

Improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, endurance and flexibility while having FUN!

Small group training in my studio will challenge ALL the muscles of your body while getting your heart pumping with this intense circuit workout.  This class is suitable for all fitness levels, since every exercise can be modified or intensified to accommodate you. You’ll work at your OWN level of fitness….think of this as a “Group Personal Training Session”!

A fast-paced, intense 60 minute class with exercises involving your own body weight and equipment like BOSU, stability balls, dumbbells, kettle bell, TRX suspension training, medicine balls and mat work.  The focus is on core strength, balance and functional fitness.  Muscles of the body will be challenged simultaneously, moving together just the way that they do in ‘real life’ activities.

This type of training will improve your golf game; make you a faster runner or cyclist, or a stronger, more agile skier.

Elevate your mood! Burn calories, increase metabolism, build healthy bones, develop a strong core and  a tight, toned body!

Class is limited to 5 participants.  Contact me to reserve your space!  Get ready to sweat!

Drop in rate:  $15 per class, tax inclusive